Left on Longwood is a blog about the mystery, meaning and absurdities of Science and Medicine. It will endeavor to bring you analysis and ideas on developments from the lab, the clinic, and from forward thinking about both. I will draw on my experiences at the bench and bedside for an occasional letter from the trenches. It is my hope to nurture a conversation with you, curious readers, who, like me, have tired of the Great Discoveries, Great Discoverers approach to science and medical writing. Together, we will search between the figures and tables, policies and experiments, and make a more transparent and humanistic biomedicine our project.

Our blog’s title, Left on Longwood, refers to Longwood Avenue, the yellow brick road of Boston’s biomedical district. For the two years that I lived in Brookline, Boston’s gentrified and multi-lingual ghetto of medical professionals and scientists, my walk to work at Children’s Hospital Boston or the lab at the Harvard School of Public Health involved a left turn on Longwood. As an undergraduate years before, the M2 shuttle carrying me from the Harvard campus to my lab at the Joslin Diabetes Center would make a sweeping left on to Longwood from Brookline Ave. Rather than denote a political stance, I prefer progressive to left-of-center, Left on Longwood emphasizes the need for a new perspective on the biomedical enterprise. It refers to my journey as a physician-scientist and the many illusions and some dreams that I left on Longwood.


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